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Whether you're a first time mother-to-be or experienced in pregnancy, we will be with you every step of the way, beginning with your prenatal care all the way through the delivery of your baby(s). Please keep in mind that no two pregnancies are alike! Our number one concern is to see that you are provided with the very best care possible. Our expertise includes the management of low risk to high risk pregnancies in a personalized manner. We recognize that patients and families should be encouraged to express preferences in their birth experience, and we strive to make your pregnancy and birth experience safe and rewarding.

We care for women of all ages, from adolescence through geriatrics. While many women come to us for primary gynecologic care including annual exams and pap smears, we also have expertise in contraceptive choices, family planning, and traditional and common gynecological procedures. We care for women throughout their lives and have expertise in menopausal management with and without medication use, and also health issues which women encounter as they age. Our services cover the entire spectrum of gynecologic care including pre-conceptual, infertility, contraception and menopausal counseling as well as treatment. We strongly recommend that you have a preventative examination on a yearly basis. This examination includes a breast, abdominal and pelvic exam and a pap smear for most. Ensuring good gynecological health throughout your life - from the teen years to the post-menopausal years - is our specialty.

Contraception - Picking a birth control method that fits your life is our goal. Only you can decide what is best for you. But sometimes figuring out which method to use can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to help you think about your options and make the right decision.

In Office Sterilization - We are pleased to offer the no incision Essure tubal sterilization procedure.