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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

The outreach team works closely with the families, individuals and community resources to promote health and preventive disease and injury by visiting patients in their homes and providing basic health assessments.

This is accomplished by working together with all health professionals who serve the patient in the clinic setting. ALTURA has an outreach team that conducts health fairs in the community. The team participates in workshops and trainings to be involved and educated on community needs. Outreach is intended to increase access to primary and preventative health care and improve the health status of the underserved population in the service area of ALTURA.

Outreach Worker: The Outreach Caseworker is liaison between the clinic and the underserved population, promoting new availability due to increases primary care providers, coordinating Health Fairs. In addition, will also assist in referrals to specialty services and individual follow up to ensure patients understand their medical treatment and are following through with their physician's recommendations.

Promotor/a: are liaisons between the clinic and the community. They provide clinic services information as well as conduct health education home training/visits. They also participate in community events and outreaches.