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What is the Altura Patient Portal?patient-portal-doctor

The Altura patient portal allows you to communicate with your physician’s office online. It is essentially your medical home on the web. Patients are able to connect with their doctor through a convenient, safe, and secure environment. It allows you to make online appointment requests, add personal demographic information, input patient and family medical and social history, view and pay statements online, and message your doctor via secure email connection. Altura Centers for Health is proud to offer this technology to our patients. By having access to your medical history online, Patient Portal ensures that you will have all that you need when you see other physicians anywhere in the world.


How do I sign up for the Altura Patient Portal?

Sign up is easy! Our office staff is eager to help you obtain an enrollment token that will allow you to access your online account. All we need is an email address to get your started!


Is my information secure?

Your health information is absolutely secure. The Patient Portal is protected by VeriSign identity protection. You will have a username and password to log in. You will also have to answer a security question each time you access your account. All messages from you to your physician are sent through secure email.